Feature Film: Slammer

When pioneering scientist Ann Waterman is kidnapped, becoming a human lab rat in a futuristic prison cell, she must confront her personal demons and decipher the identity of her captor to uncover a mystery of global significance.
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Creative: Savage Short Film

Savage is a British short film written and directed by Denis Dobrovoda and produced by Chasing the Bear Films. It is about Mokonzi, a young man who is brought over from Africa to serve as an exhibit at a British colonial exposition. He is examined, put on display, and abused in the name of science and imperialism. Will his attempt to escape his captors and recover his dignity succeed? Set at the beginning of the 20th century, Savage explores the little-known and shameful history of colonial exhibitions and human zoos, which were an integral part of Western imperialism and served as a justification of racist oppression. www.savagefilm.co.uk

Corporate: AFSiC

AFSIC is a highly focused investment event and is believed to be the largest Africa investment event taking place annually in Europe and one of the most important Africa investor events globally.

Corporate: FSD Africa

Regulation and Innovation in the Age of Fintech. This event provided an opportunity to meet and learn from colleagues involved in innovation and regulation from across the globe, with an emerging and African market emphasis. In particular, the event presented an opportunity for emerging market regulators to join the global conversation. This event was hosted by; FSD Africa – a UK Aid funded – financial sector development agency, the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, a University of Cambridge academic research centre, and Global RegHub – a new firm specialised in regulatory technical assistance.

Corporate: Renew Britain

Renew is a new type of political party which aims to transform British politics by recruiting people from all over the country to stand for parliament. This short video features the first 10 candidates standing for the party and their reasons for doing so.

Corporate: Vauxhall Mokka X

“First email built from a car” Digital content brief from agency MRM Meteorite for Vauxhall. Showing off the Mokka X’s wifi capabilities.

Corporate: Capita & Royal Mail

Orientation film commissioned by Capita and the Royal Mail training their staff, at different levels, and advising them in how to handle certain interpersonal and business situations.